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The Alamo! 3D Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry to Create a 3-Kilometer Computer Model

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    This case study of the Alamo Master Plan in San Antonio, Texas, reviews the use of LIDAR (light detection and ranging) and photogrammetry in the creation of a computer model. The model was used for both documentation in Revit software and visualization in 3ds Max software, and it documented 3 square kilometers of dense urban environment in less than 6 weeks. We'll review the hardware and how we used multiple Autodesk software packages such as ReCap software, Revit, and 3ds Max to develop a computer model for both master planning and visualization.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a greater understanding of how to document large urban areas
    • Learn about creating visualization for master planning
    • Learn about combining reality capture techniques in 3ds Max and Revit
    • Learn about reality capture processes with LIDAR and photogrammetry