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Advanced Design of Infrastructure Projects in InfraWorks and Revit

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    <p>Parametric design of infrastructure projects is one of the most disruptive branches of the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry. Engineers and drafters adopt emerging technologies and learn new skills to manage different types of data and integrate workflows for better cross-industry collaboration and more-sustainable design development. In this class, you&rsquo;ll discover tools and workflows for the design of multiple types of infrastructure projects, such as concrete, steel, composite and girder bridges, tunnels, and more&mdash;each one based on a practical example from industry leaders. InfraWorks software and SOFiSTiK Bridge + Infrastructure Modeler provide complimentary solutions for the preliminary, detailed, and structural design. Experience how industry leaders and early adopters of new technologies managed to boost their productivity and automate processes by mainstreaming the flow of data.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about designing detailed infrastructure projects, bridges, and tunnels
    • Learn about enhancing productivity through integrated design
    • Learn how to implement proper workflows and tools for specific projects and tasks
    • Learn how to collaborate with industry partners for better outcomes