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Advance Steel: Starting from Scratch and Becoming Fully Functional
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This class will explore techniques for introducing the use of Advance Steel software into the processes and workflows of a steel fabricator. Steel fabricators typically have very specific standards that govern how their documents look (and what their crews are expecting to see on those documents), what fabrication techniques can be utilized as a result of the available tools, and how to optimize the steel fabrication process and delivery. We will explore how to customize Advance Steel software to accommodate fabricator standards, produce common CNC (computer numerical control) files, and automatically create documents that display the information that fabrication crews can easily read and interpret. The overall goal is to enhance productivity and reduce rework and fabrication errors through customization tools within Advance Steel software.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to customize the automatically generated fabrication drawings in Advance Steel to the liking of a steel fabricator
  • Learn how to incorporate custom connections that are commonly used by a steel fabricator for easy reuse on all detailing projects
  • Learn how to generate CNC output in common file formats that can be read and utilized by a steel fabricator's equipment
  • Learn best practices and pitfalls to avoid in Advance Steel to generate consistent, quality output drawings and data



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