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Adopting Reality Computing for Plant Design

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    Over the past few years point clouds have gone from novelty to design requirement. During this time many companies have encountered technological limitations due to insufficient hardware and software solutions. Much has changed. The reality computing technology from Autodesk, Inc., is making laser scan data easier and more efficient to use than ever. This class will examine real Autodesk user experiences regarding how these firms are successfully implementing point cloud data for plant design. Gain insight on the software used, the growing pains experienced in introducing new technology, and the workflows adopted to help users get from the field to completed design. This class will also recommend favorable workflows within Plant Design Suite 2015 software. Discover how to achieve typically needed plant deliverables, including catalog piping and structural design, tie-in point extraction, clash reporting, isometrics, and equipment analysis all from native Autodesk point clouds.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to adopt point-cloud workflows within the 2015 Plant Design Suite software
    • Gain insight from user experiences regarding what to expect with new Autodesk technology
    • Understand the recommended steps for preparing laser scan projects within your Autodesk design package
    • Discover how to extract typically needed plant deliverables from point clouds, such as intelligent models, tie-ins, and more