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Adopt Digital Workflows to Improve Construction Management with PlanGrid

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    Many of the processes we use to manage construction operations are designed around outdated paper-based workflows. Simply digitizing these paper-based processes is not enough to bring the improvements we need to see in the field. The management of plan revisions, information requests, and product submittal data are critical to a successful buildout, but the traditional paper-based processes used to manage them are slow and limit access to information, resulting in delays and rework. PlanGrid reimagines each of these processes by using digital workflows that enable the entire construction team—from the designers, to the project managers, to the on-site tradespeople—to stay up to date. Learn how to use PlanGrid to manage plan revisions, requests for information, and product submittals in a way that’s more productive and more transparent, all while enhancing collaboration and access to information to reduce delays and rework.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the difference between digitizing paper-based processes and adopting digital workflows
    • Learn how to create a new workflow to manage the product submittal process on any construction project
    • Learn how to manage requests for information more efficiently using PlanGrid's new RFI workflow
    • Learn how to use PlanGrid to ensure that the tradespeople in the field are always using the latest plan revisions