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Accelerating Digital Transformation: using Forge at Enterprise level

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    <p>For the last two years during the pandemic, Jacobs&rsquo; Digital Delivery team in Australia have been aware of the increasing challenges from remote project collaboration and stakeholder engagement. We have developed a platform named SIFT built on top of Forge API, Microsoft Power Platform and Azure services to help accelerate our internal Digital Transformation. SIFT democratizes BIM data by helping design teams to better consume and understand design information from BIM models, bridges the gap between specialized BIM software and the end users, making information from Autodesk Construction Cloud easily accessible through enterprise-level IT infrastructure like Microsoft 365. When using together with Microsoft Power Platform, SIFT helps us effectively removed most coding requirement and lowered the threshold for adoption and operation of BIM technologies, making BIM data more accessible and actionable.</p>

    Key Learnings

    • Explain the challenges of team collaboration and stakeholder engagement for digital delivery projects using BIM 360.
    • Explain the solution architecture of how we enable the possibility of integration with the help from Forge API.
    • Identify the key functions from Jacobs SIFT platform, the technology stack and some sample solutions built on top.
    • Identify the possibilities for integration Forge with Microsoft 365 for better collaboration and communication.