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6 Sheet Set Manager Strategies for Success

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    Over the past 7 years, hundreds of Associated Engineering production staff members across our 23 offices have been using AutoCAD software’s Sheet Set Manager (SSM) to efficiently coordinate project drawing packages. Throughout that time frame, we have continually adapted and fine-tuned our Sheet Set Manager templates (and support files) to not only provide flexibility for utilizing internal, project, or client-specific CAD standards, but also for ensuring conformance and standardization for all AutoCAD (and AutoCAD software-based) software output. Sheet Set Manager can greatly impact productivity while reducing repetition, user frustration, project budgets, and schedules. Please join us for this class, as we will be discussing 6 “key” Sheet Set Manager strategies that have proven to successfully assist CAD managers, project CAD leaders, and production management through incorporating this powerful productivity tool throughout development, implementation, and ongoing support.

    Key Learnings

    • Gain a solid understanding of Sheet Set Manager functionality
    • Learn how to transfer and modify existing sheet borders for use with Sheet Set Manager
    • Learn how to use the Sheet Set Manager to preconfigure project or company CAD standard requirements
    • Learn how to avoid pitfalls and limitations by capitalizing on best practices for developing Sheet Set Manager content