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3ds Max Blockbuster - Arch Viz meets VFX presented by Neoscape

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    Let's take a look at how architectural visualization meets VFX with 3ds Max, MotionBuilder and Shotgun. We used Shotgun to help our team collaborate during the crazy-short production timelines, with 3ds Max and Motion Builder to integrate more storytelling and bring our stories to life via motion capture. …Or simply put, rendering 5760 8K frames of NYC city. Yes, the entire city! At Neoscape we have been creating future landscapes for over 24 years, every time striving for higher quality and higher standards. Software comes and goes, it evolves. However, we have always relied on 3ds Max as our workhorse. Every year we think we have achieved the impossible, yet every year we are asked for more and more. In this presentation we will share some of Neoscape’s latest endeavors to date, including those that were technically challenging as well as creative.

    Key Learnings

    • Examine the basic use of Shotgun in an architectural visualization studio
    • Apply 3ds Max as a large data set aggregation tool
    • Move seamlessly from MotionBuilder to 3ds Max