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360-Degree Reality Capture in the Time of Artificial Intelligence

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    Will Plato, VDC Manager at Hensel Phelps, and Christian Claus, CMO and Head of Partnerships at HoloBuilder, will introduce and discuss his innovative use of construction technologies and co-developing Reality Capture, Computer Vision, AI technologies, and cross product integrations. Hensel Phelps has partnered with HoloBuilder to further develop their 360° photo documentation platform and solve immediate needs on projects throughout the Southwest region and beyond. Will’s and Christian’s presentation will outline how Hensel Phelps has leveraged technology to secure ROI and gain a competitive advantage. New developments that have been co-developed will be presented for the first time.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how to effectively apply 360-degree technologies on your jobs today
    • Learn how to explain to your organization how 360-degree reality capture can help with your most strategic business objectives
    • Learn about the three biggest trends in 360-degree reality capture today and how they can benefit you in 2020
    • Learn how integrations between leading technology providers increase your ROI on technology