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From 12 to Many: From Pilot to Enterprise
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In this class, we will share our experience with the rollout and increased adoption of BIM 360 Docs software within Arcadis globally. The Pilot to Enterprise program is a successful approach to developing a well-structured, flexible project foundation for all project type rollouts within BIM 360 Docs. These are Arcadis's "lighthouse" projects, and Autodesk will support Arcadis on project execution. The intention is to glean the lessons learned for a global implementation across Arcadis, and drive toward a common data environment. The Autodesk Train the Trainer program is aimed at identifying and training regional BIM 360 Docs Implementation Champions and other key users based on the guidance of the Arcadis program managers. Together with the strategy "From 12 to Many," it will touch virtually every component of our collaborative process with input and support from Autodesk Implementation Consultants in The Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to strategize a structured global framework for a BIM 360 Docs rollout
  • Learn how to determine methods to drive adoption at a global level
  • Gain insight into methodologies used to share knowledge within a global company
  • Gain insight into Arcadis’s lessons learned



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