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January 4, 2023

Transformation Trends for 2023: Better and Different


Every company is on a unique journey of transformation, just like every individual. But broadly speaking, it can be useful to think about transformation in two categories—better and different.  

Transforming for better means looking for improved ways to do what you already do. It’s about optimization, efficiency, and cutting out the lags, data losses, and rework that you’ve lived with until now.  

Transforming for different means exploring entirely new approaches. It’s about pioneering new business models, revolutionizing how you interact with customers and partners, and fundamentally rethinking how you add value in the market. 

“We’re giving you better tools today and we’re giving you different tools for tomorrow.” –Andrew Anagnost, President and CEO, Autodesk 

Better is about incremental change. Different is about reimagining. They’re both important, and you don’t have to choose. In fact, for most companies, it makes sense to optimize first—those are the easiest changes to make, and they can deliver real bottom line results quickly. In the long term, though, you also need to be thinking about the future of your industry and where you want to fit into it.  

Whatever kind of transformation you’re looking to make, you’ll find AU learning to help you on your journey. 

Learning for better 

If you’re looking to design and make more quickly, more cheaply, more predictably, or more sustainably, check out these AU sessions:  


  • Michael Pavlovec and Randall Brook share tips to enhance collaboration and improve efficiency by restructuring templates in Civil 3D
  • Learn how the team from full-service construction firm IMC improved workflow efficiency by 90% by using Assemble to condition and enhance models, and Autodesk Construction Cloud to link data across the project lifecycle.   





Learning for different 

Ready to reimagine the possibilities for your company? Ready to disrupt your industry and fundamentally rethink how things get made? Check out these AU sessions:  

  • Additive manufacturing. We’ve been casting and subtracting material for thousands of years. Additive manufacturing (AM, sometimes referred to as 3D printing) is a relatively new approach, and it opens entirely new approaches to design and fabrication. Mania Meibodi shares breakthrough projects using AM for construction. And Diana Verdugo shares three examples of how additive is changing the game in manufacturing. One example: mass customization via the Selfie Series from Hasbro, which lets consumers scan their own face and have them 3D printed on the action figure of their choice.  
  • Building top to bottom. Lindsey Rem shares how Barton Mallow is transforming construction through digitization. LiftBuild, a new division of the company, takes a new approach to construction by doing the structural and MEP work for each floor of a building at ground level, then lifting it into place for finishing and conditioning. 
  • Green energy storage. H2GO is pioneering a safe hydrogen-based technology for long-term energy storage. Founder Enass Abo-Hamed shares the journey and the first products they’re creating, including large-scale systems for remote communities and small-scale systems for drones.  
  • Virtual production. Want to go on location without leaving the studio? Virtual production is creating results that greenscreen never could. Marc Petit shares the role that game engines play.  


Whether you’re looking to optimize for the year ahead or transform for the next century, you can learn anytime for free at Autodesk University.