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How Model-Based Workflows Counteract Higher Costs and Labor Shortages

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    Today’s workflows based on PDF, Microsoft Excel, and so on, will not counteract the ongoing trends of increases in costs of goods and labor shortage. On the other hand, current trends in design with highly detailed models and technologies—e.g., building information modeling (BIM) and innovative automation in fabrication—could deliver solutions to these issues. But how can we use all those components in a smooth, reliable, and efficient workflow? In this session, we’ll demonstrate how advanced technology is using model-based workflows that remove the burden of different software applications using old-fashioned interfaces and ever-growing complexity that untrained personal cannot handle. Based on 30+ years of experience in the precast business, there are many benefits that are already in use by customers worldwide, and are ready to be used by those in need.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to enable “Freedom in Design” and “Automation in Fabrication.”
    • Learn how to improve workflows by using a model-based approach and creating digital twins.
    • Learn how first movers benefited from Model2Fabrication and our solutions.
    • Receive input that can help you benefit on your own with easy steps, without radical changes, and in less time than you thought.