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How to Optimize Project, Design & Risk Management with Forge

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    Would you like to optimise Project and Design Management? In this class we’ll go through workflows and automated processes that enable us to track deliverables’ development progress and compare with schedule and budget more efficiently and accurately. We will work within the ISO19650 framework and use some of the standards’ metrics in a set of dashboards to provide an overview of the sample project’s development. To analyse the data, it first gets exported from BIM 360 and Revit files using Forge. All exported data, with schedule and budget, is imported into Power BI. For contextualisation, we also embed the Forge Viewer into Power BI, enabling us to dynamically switch between the project’s models and sheets corresponding to the data displayed on the dashboards. This approach to data and project management allows us to improve collaboration, enhance quality of deliverables and reduce cost and risk. Over the course of 2 years, we predict saving $190,000 in one project alone.

    Key Learnings

    • Identify Forge as a powerful tool to manage your projects and access data.
    • Apply automated processes that increase productivity and quality reducing costs.
    • Adopt standardized processes and methods that allow for scalability and a higher ROI.
    • Implement workflows using standard formats and automated processes to satisfy your needs and improve your outcomes.