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Using Data to Make Construction Predictable

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Using Data to Make Construction Predictable

By collecting, analyzing, and disseminating construction data, we can continuously improve how we build



How many builders do a real “post-mortem” on a particular project after it’s done? How many do it for all their projects? Without doing this, how can we ever learn from mistakes and optimize processes, beyond simple human memory or anecdote? Jit Kee Chin, Chief Data and Innovation Officer at Suffolk Construction, shares her work making construction data integral to their company. It started with a dashboard that could be used by all employees, centralizing data from hundreds of projects and enabling APMs to look for commonalities and trends with current projects in real time. It evolved into a dashboard view specifically for COOs, GMs, and managers that enabled them to set tolerances for new projects, enabling them to form management plans and get ahead of problems. Implementing changes like these requires people to change, as well, but by emphasizing a “no-fault” culture of learning, organization can adopt these data-driven processes and achieve a new level of predictability in construction.  

About the speaker

Jit Kee Chin is chief data and innovation officer at Suffolk Construction, where she leads their journey to leverage data, analytics, and technology to improve construction outcomes. Before that, she spent 10 years with McKinsey and Company advising Fortune 100 companies on strategic, commercial, and advanced analytics topics. She graduated from Caltech with a BSc in Physics and English Literature and later received a PhD in Physics from MIT. 

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