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Improving Efficiencies by Leveraging Assemble Data with ACC Connect

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    IMC is one of the largest contractors in the Philadelphia region, and a full-service construction management firm that takes pride in providing an innovative and collaborative approach to project delivery for their clients. IMC is using Assemble to condition and append data to their models, enhancing the models to be ready for review at any moment. IMC then utilizes ACC Connect to take advantage of their enhanced models and data throughout the project lifecycle. With the power of this integration, IMC can track cost drivers to stay in line with their planned budget, collect and compare historical data to identify inefficiencies in the design, and to track productivity on site. By leveraging the power of Assemble to condition and enhance models, and the power of ACC connect to link data across the project lifecycle, IMC has improved the efficiency of this workflow by over 90%, simultaneously increasing their competitive advantage and the quality of the projects they deliver.

    Key Learnings

    • Connect conditioned data from Assemble to SQL servers and Power BI for analysis and review
    • Enable multi stakeholder collaboration on conditioned data throughout the project lifecycle
    • Create recipes in ACC Connect to automate and streamline data transfer from Assemble to SQL and Power BI
    • Understand fundamental concepts of how to create clean data across multiple projects for detailed review and analysis