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Civil 3D Templates: Restructuring for collaboration and maximum efficiency

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    With our post-pandemic industry immerging into a new normal, our designers and engineers are now looking to technology to enhance collaboration and improve efficiency. With Civil 3D we now have functionality to provide users with standards to drive consistency in workflows. We will review the process GHD developed to restructure Civil 3D templates, providing our teams with the necessary standardization and functionality. From small sites to large BIM mega-projects. We will show you how to rethink template deployment, and what content to distribute. Learn how to restructure your templates using the best practice uses for your templates. We will share some of our tricks to maximize the benefits templates can offer. Using Dynamo and reference templates, we will demonstrate how we leveraged property sets to automate the way GHD enriches the meta data in our BIM models. We will cover the initial challenges, solutions, and how we improved efficiency and realized more project cost savings.

    Key Learnings

    • Define template requirements, and leverage best practice workflows
    • Restructure your templates to utilize new Civil 3D functionality with property sets and reference templates
    • Implement procedures to manage, and develop template content
    • Use Dynamo to automate the application of meta data, and generate IFC files