Unlock the power of design collaboration

Harmonize multidisciplinary project teams

Realize the power of design collaboration with Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro

BIM Collaborate Pro helps AEC firms enhance collaboration through repeatable cloud-connected workflows. With BIM Collaborate Pro, teams can:

  • Coordinate reviews with all project teams in a central source of truth.

  • Share design data across projects.

  • Co-author and collaborate in Revit, Civil 3D, and AutoCAD Plant 3D.

Design collaboration overview (video: 3:29 min.)

Why use BIM Collaborate Pro for design collaboration?

Scale with cloud-connected workflows

Keep your teams on the same page with a seamless flow of actionable data and connected workflows between authoring solution(s) and the cloud.

Boost your team’s productivity

Secure access to project data, minimize task switching, and provide context for project changes for enhanced design efficiency.

Optimize design reviews

Streamline data management and issue resolution with centralized data, coordinated models, and enhanced project visibility.

Key features

Design collaboration in BIM Collaborate Pro

Multidiscipline design collaboration

Holistically manage civil engineering, building design, and multidiscipline teams and data using project-based workflows in a centralized source of truth. Share details across projects with internal and external teams using bridge technology. View package status across project roles, improving connectivity, communication, and transparency. (video: 2:42 min)

Video: Overview of Bridge for Design Collaboration in BIM Collaborate Pro


Schedule meetings, craft agendas, and monitor attendee participation effortlessly. Generate minutes to capture critical decisions. Assign action items with due dates to attendees for increased accountability. Link references to action items for seamless in-session access. Organize follow-up meetings to sustain momentum in ongoing projects.

Design coordination

Identify and organize coordination issues efficiently for resolution and explore design options with automated clash detection. Conduct clash analysis on shared models in distinct folders, separate from ongoing work.

Advanced change analytics

Understand how changes across disciplines affect planned work by viewing and comparing any combination of models in 2D or 3D, even previous versions. Establish watch groups to track and scope changes and get automated notifications. Set approval workflows for change audits.

Connected issues

Easily identify and assign issues on a design for fast resolution. Use the add-ins to resolve issues assigned to you from the cloud directly in Revit, or Navisworks for closed loop workflows.


Bundle your team’s models, views, sheet sets, and supporting documents to share with other project teams. Preview shared packages to determine the right time or when to consume a package into your design environment.

“Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro allows us even greater connectivity between our site team, other consultants, and subcontractors.”

—Hayden Co’burn, Senior Project Architect and Partner, CplusC Architects + Builders

Explore essential design collaboration workflows for BIM Collaborate Pro

See how BIM Collaborate Pro works with other software

Video: Demo of model coordination in BIM Collaborate Pro

Model coordination

Quickly identify and resolve clashes and design errors prior to construction.


Video: Demo of design collaboration in BIM Collaborate Pro

Design collaboration

Manage multi-discipline teams and data using project-based workflows in one environment.


Video: Demo of change analysis tool in BIM Collaborate Pro

Change analysis

Compare model versions effortlessly and structure watch groups for live updates on specific items.