ZETTERER Undergoes Digital Transformation With Fusion 360

Emily Suzuki Emily Suzuki March 30, 2023

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See how the expert mold makers at ZETTERER leverage the Fusion 360 Machining Extension to create advanced injection and die-cast molds.

For 55 years, ZETTERER has covered the complete spectrum of modern mold-making. From the smallest mold you could imagine to molds that can hold 10 tons, ZETTERER is the industry expert in creating injection and die-cast molds. To reach maximum efficiency for its Germany and Romania locations, ZETTERER recently focused on undergoing cloud-based digitalization with Fusion 360 at the center of its digital transformation. 


One of the major advantages of digital transformation is unlocking the reliable availability of important project data across international borders. No matter where your team members or clients are located, you can easily share data with them throughout the design and manufacturing process.

Data sharing is the foundation for process-optimized and reliable production on an international scale. Shorter planning times and cost pressure require this innovative approach to meet modern customer requirements.


Autodesk Fusion 360 was an ideal CAD/CAM solution for ZETTERER based on its user-friendly interface and how it could easily be implemented into daily business. By simply connecting ZETTERER’s machine tools, the ZETTERER team could use Fusion 360 efficiently within a short timeframe. Once implemented, the software instantly became an integral part of the company’s CAD/CAM programming.


The ability to easily share data across multiple sites offers ZETTERER significant advantages over previous CAD-CAM solutions. As a result, lead times have been significantly reduced, leading to cost advantages.

“With Autodesk Fusion 360 and the Machining Extension, we process projects across locations and national borders,” says Alexander Zetterer, Managing Director of ZETTERER Präzision GmbH. “Thanks to digitization at ZETTERER, 20 workstations are now staffed many times more efficiently and cost-effectively.”


For ZETTERER, the Fusion 360 Machining Extension simplified programming and system updates and reduced the time required to produce parts.

Is your business in need of a digital transformation? Explore how Fusion 360 can help.

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