Your Fusion 360 Ideas in Action

Avatar herzinj April 16, 2014

1 min read

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Fusion 360 is changing the way that Autodesk is developing products.  With the implementation of the Fusion 360 IdeaStation, we’re able to react more quickly to improve the software based on your ideas.  The user feedback that we get is continually sorted through by the product development team and is reviewed based on a combination of Kudos, comments and relevance to improve the user experience.


Here are a few of the ideas that have been added to the next release of Fusion 360 based on your feedback.   Moving forward, we’ll be trying to keep you posted on the new features added to the product right here.  Take a look at some of user ideas we added below and keep them coming.


Support for Space Controllerjharkes

New support for 3dconnexion commands and automatically recognized drivers


Autodesk Chronicle Supportbverboort

Video creation and sharing from within Fusion 360


Renaming of Joint Origin Instancesbig_red_frog

Improving the ease of use when using the browser to select joints


Let’s continue to work as one team to drive the co-creation of Fusion 360.  Join the IdeaStation and let us hear your thoughts, comment on others and give Kudos to those you would like to see happen.  We want to hear your ideas, and will continue to keep you in the loop on their status.  In an age where users drive progress, there isn’t a better time for you to make sure Fusion 360 is everything you want it to be, and we’re here to help.

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