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  • Revolutionizing Workflows with Configurations in Autodesk Fusion 360 

    Configurations in Autodesk Fusion are here! Learn how configurations are an invaluable tool, offering a streamlined approach to design optimization, risk mitigation, and cost efficiency

  • January 2023 Major Product Update – What’s New

    V.2.0.15299 (Current) We fixed an issue causing 2D Contour toolpath to gauge the model upon regeneration. A few of you reported an issue where FullWidth for TableCommandInput fails, this is now fixed. We fixed an error reported by rlstarmilky, adelahayeQMSPQ, and xavFDVLB where there is no Next Button for the Data Opt In dialog for…

  • Fusion 360 Just Got Better: Faster Performance & 200+ Quality of Life Updates 

    Check out these top usability and performance improvements that you need to know about. Shiny new features are always exciting, but the features you use daily are the true backbone of your product development needs. One of our core values for developing Fusion 360 is listening to our community and making adjustments to the software…

  • Fusion 360 Drawings: Introducing Hole Tables

    We recently announced hole tables; a feature that shows “hole” information in an easy-to-read chart. Learn more here.

  • Fusion 360 Drawings: Revision Tables, Clouds, and Markers Are Here

    Another update has dropped, and we have some exciting Fusion 360 drawing updates to share. Take a look at what’s new below. Revisions are now available in Fusion 360 drawings. This new toolset includes revision tables, markers, and clouds. Additionally, your title block now shows the latest revision. Revision markers Revision markers can be added…

  • Design Advice: Make Better Design Decisions in Fusion 360

    Design Advice allows you to identify manufacturability concerns based on best practices for plastic injection molding and provides recommendations to address them in Fusion 360. Let’s walk through the new features now available in the Fusion 360 Product Design Extension. To begin, you’ll want to open a 3d design in Fusion 360 that contains a…

  • Post Processor and Machine Simulation What’s New

    See what's new with our post processors, including new additions and upgrades to existing posts. Find and download your FREE post processors today!

  • May 2021 Product Update -What’s New

    Usability New! See your Fusion 360 designs in augmented reality with USD file format File > Export > .USDz format , open in your iOS or mobile device  Augmented reality has been around for quite some time now, but adoption of the technology has been slow. You can see some examples of AR applications in online shopping, and now…

  • Exploring Avatars and Design Reservation in Fusion 360

    Announcing improvements to the way teams can use Fusion 360 to collaborate in a distributed design workflow.

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    How Much Does Fusion 360 Cost? [Updated 2022]

    Wondering how much Fusion 360 cost? Learn about the various Fusion 360 subscription types, along with features, benefits, and costs of each.

  • New History Experience Available

    The new History component is the first of many changes you will see coming to Fusion 360 that bridge the gap between desktop software and this cloud-based data environment.

  • October 2020 Drawings Roadmap & Update

    A look at two exciting new features and what's to come for Drawings.

  • Manufacturing Templates and the New Template Library

    With the October 2020 Fusion 360 update comes a brand new way to store, manage, and re-use toolpath templates in Manufacturing.

  • Fusion 360 for Personal Use Changes

    A guide of what's changing to Fusion 360 for personal use and what is remaining the same.

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    August 2020 Product Update – What’s New

    Summer is not over yet! We just dropped some heat; you now have access to Emboss, new Edit-in-Place options, Electronics enhancements, Section View Depth Control in Drawings, and more.