What you didn’t know about EAGLE: Aliases

Avatar fusion360 September 6, 2016

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We continue with our series of “What you didn’t know about EAGLE”. The idea of this series is to show our users features that might not be obvious to recognize, but that certainly optimize your design time.

Aliases are an underutilized feature in EAGLE. The GRID, WINDOW, and DISPLAY (Layer settings…) support user-defined aliases. The way this feature works is that you can name a particular group of layers with an alias then invoke all of those layers through the alias name. Use the display command, enable and disable layer you wish to view or hide. Once you have the view you wish to have click OK. Do a right click on the DISPLAY icon and select the option “New”, provide this layer combination an “alias”  name.  Next time you right click the DISPLAY command, the alias will appear on the list.

Display Command

Right Click to on the Display icon to activate ALIAS Options

In the Window command, you can actually create named views. So, for example, you can zoom on the bottom left corner of the board and name that view. Now you can return to that exact view at any time by just right-clicking on the Zoom Select icon and select the named zoom alias.

The same process can be used for your grid settings, this allows you to easily switch user defined grid options.

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