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Keqing Song Keqing Song February 4, 2014

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They’ve all shared awesome projects to the gallery. Now, here are the input devices they used to help them get their ideas into Fusion 360. 


Colin Smith – https://fusion360.autodesk.com/users/colin-smith


Toronto, Canada | Fusion 360 Product Manager

Preferred input: Logitech MX510

As a former product manager for both Alias and Sketchbook Pro, Colin had his Logitech MX510 gaming mouse for about 7 years now and he swears by it when he designs in Fusion 360. “It is a really comfortable design. The Margaritaville mouse pad is new Smiley Wink



Will Secor – https://fusion360.autodesk.com/users/will-secor


Portland, Oregon | User Experience Researcher

Preferred input: Apple Magic Trackpad, Apple Wireless Keyboard, Logitech Anywhere MX

Will is all about being wireless. To his left, he uses an Apple Magic trackpad to quick get things out of the way, switch apps, and scroll in OSX. “sometimes I find myself using this almost like a space mouse when using Fusion 360, left hand for spacial nav, right hand for pick/manipulation”. Center is the Apple Wireless Keyboard — “yay for no wires”. And finally at the right, the Logitech Anywhere MX — “took some getting used to middle mouse button being separate from the scroll wheel, but I like it now”.




Jake Frowler – https://fusion360.autodesk.com/users/jake-fowler


Shanghai, China | Fusion 360 QA Specialist

Preferred input: Logitech MX510

Originally from the UK and now living in China, here is Jake’s home setup, and according to him, it is a bit more idealised than his office one, which consists of a MacBook keyboard and whatever mouse happens to be lying on his desk. Behold as he walks us through his gear:

Unknown copy.jpg

Mine’s the antithesis of Will’s beautifully pristine desk – I’m all about the wires. All the battery management, etc. of wireless gear is still a bit too much faff for my poor little brain to handle. When they figure out how to make the whole recharging & connection thing completely effort-free, I’m in.

Unknown-1 copy.jpg

Mouse is a SteelSeries Kinzu v2 Pro. Got this a few months ago. I just wanted something simple but solid, and after a bit of internet research this seemed to fit the bill. Colour-matching the iMac had NOTHING to do with it.”

Unknown-2 copy.jpg

Keyboard is standard-issue Apple wired keyboard. They’re great but a bit beverage-sensitive, and since I can’t be trusted I’ve had to get myself a Moshi ClearGuard cover (don’t laugh)…”


Phil Eichmiller – https://fusion360.autodesk.com/users/phil-eichmiller


Portland, Oregon | Fusion 360 QA Specialist

Preferred input: Logitech M570

As previously mentioned in an earlier post, Phil has been using the Logitech marble mouse for over a decade. “For precision CAD work there is none better.”



Jeff Strater – https://fusion360.autodesk.com/users/jeff-strater


Portland, Oregon | Fusion 360 Architect

Preferred input: Microsoft Intellimouse

“I call it a ‘mouse’. Microsoft, two button, scroll wheel. The AutoCAD 2000 mouse pad is an integral component of the system. I could not design a cube using a touchpad.”



Sal Bondi – https://fusion360.autodesk.com/users/sal-bondi–2


Portland, Oregon | User Experience Designer/Industrial Designer

Preferred input: Wacom pen, Cintiq 21ux

Sal is a Industrial Designer with sixteen years of product development experience – he loves keeping up with cultural and technological trends and dwelling on how they can impact the many facets of user-centered design.

When I’m doing industrial work my two main tools are sketchbook pro and Fusion360. All my designs start as 2D sketches first and I feel that drawing with a cintiq stylus gives my lines a lot more character and emotion. Im looking forward to the days when we active a touch base workflow in Fusion. The combination of hand gestures and digital stylus will be a game changer!”




What is your prefered input device/setup for designing in Fusion 360?



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