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Edwin Robledo Edwin Robledo May 22, 2020

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This May Fusion 360 release was packed with some amazing technologies, from the manufacturing extension to sketch enhancements to usability improvements to data management. However, for those who did not notice, I want to highlight a few more great electronics workspace features that may leave you bright-eyed.


The foundational elements of electronic design requires accessing available libraries or having an editor that will allow you to build components quickly.
In the latest update of Fusion 360, we improved the user experience by adding many requested library functionality.





Importing Components


In the library editor, you are now able to access components from libraries that are currently in use, or access additional components parts from the available managed libraries. An import button is now an option when creating a new schematic symbol, footprint, or device.




Creating Managed Libraries

Autodesk EAGLE users can create manage libraries allowing them to share and remotely access their libraries. Fusion 360 users can access these managed libraries but couldn’t edit or add new managed libraries until now. In the library editor, you will notice a new tab called Managed. By selecting this tab, you see the options for synchronizing your library into a Managed Library. You will be able to choose which managed folder you wish to place the managed library.




Package calculator templates & added library


Fusion 360 electronic library expanded to now include Hardware for PCB. If you navigate over to the managed libraries from the ADD command dialog box and select the available tab, you will notice that we have added a PCB-Fasteners_Hardware library. Each part includes a detailed description and a link to the manufacturer.




No worries if the required fastener is not available in the new fasteners library. The package calculator now includes fasteners templates. Visit your favorite manufacturer or distributor and transfer the dimension details for the fasteners into the selected template. In a few clicks, you will have the 3D model and associated footprint ready to be used in your design. In addition to standoffs, you will find a template for PC-to-PC nylon snap locks.







CHIP LED with some bling


We have been busy expanding the capabilities of the Package Calculator. Within this latest release, a Chip LED template has been added. While rendering the 3DPCB, you will appreciate the realistic translucence on your Chip LED.




Fusion 360 Electronics’ Bright Future

We are so excited about all this new PCB and electronics functionality, and there is so much more to come. Check out my What’s New in Fusion 360 Electronics Video:



If you have not tried the electronics functionality in Fusion 360, download today!



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