Tip Tuesday – Fusion 360 In-depth: CAM

Avatar curtis.chan June 3, 2014

1 min read

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With the anticipated release of CAM for Fusion 360 on the Windows Platform, users now have the ability to showcase workflows from Design to Manufacturing.  Seamless integration with CAM now means that as you make design changes to your Fusion 360 Model, your toolpaths will update!


CAM for Fusion 360 was designed to get more people making their own parts.  Whether you’re trying to turn around prototypes in record time, or you’re strugging with suppliers getting to provide you with quality parts on time, CAM for Fusion 360 gives you all the tools you need to turn your projects into a physical reality – all on your OWN.  2.5D (2-1/2 Axis), 3D and 3+2 (positioning) machining strategies are now part of Fusion 360, providing users with the ability to machine complex parts with sculptured or organic shapes and surfaces.


Later this month, Mac Users will have the ability to experience 2.5D, 3D and 3+2 Machining!


Check out the video below for a detailed workflow from setting up your job, to post processing your results.


Topics covered are:

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