The Koben from Karmic Bikes is now live on Kickstarter!

Avatar sachlene.singh May 5, 2015

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Thank you for keeping up with the story of Karmic Bikes with us! We’re very excited to announce that The Koben is now live on Kickstarter.




The unique Karmic battery differentiates the Koben from other eBikes on the market. Karmic’s patented battery is small and light, and still very powerful, giving the bike a range of over 25 miles on a full charge. The light and compact battery allows for the bike design to be minimalistic and beautiful, and the bike can be built as light as 30lbs…unheard of for an electric bike!


We have had so much fun working with the team at Karmic. It was only less than 6 months ago that we met founder Hong Quan at a hardware event and soon after took on the 90 Day Challenge with him. It’s been both hectic and inspiring going from design to physical prototype in 90 days, but we have enjoyed every minute of the ‘ride’.


As a revisit to one of our first posts from the 90 day challenge, here a sneak peek at the smiles on people’s faces after they’ve taken a Karmic bike out for a spin. Some of these are older prototypes, but the smile is unanimous.


Thank you for being a part of this 90 day journey with us. Needless to stay, you will continue to see updates from us on Karmic bikes.

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