The Fusion 360 Learning Experience Update

by knobbsa 6 years ago 4 min read

Exciting changes are happening with the online Learning Center for Fusion 360. You may have experienced our fresh new look for the Learning Center, and believe me that the changes we’ve made go deeper than appearances. Let’s look at some of the things we’ve done to make the learning experience better for our community.


We started by setting goals to make Fusion 360 more learnable – both online and inside of the product itself:



As we continue to refresh the Learning Center, you’ll see more and more of these goals shine through. Here’s a quick tour of the new site so you can see for yourself.


Learning Center Landing

You’ll notice several key sections on the new learning landing page, designed to assist our users in heading down the correct path right from the start.


Featured topics: In this area we highlight Fusion 360’s exciting new features and functionality as we released each update. This content hand-picks topics from our What’s New section that we know are important to our community. We’re committed to keeping this area fresh and up-to-date, continuing with the completely transparent communication style that you’ve come to expect.




Let’s Get Started: We want to help all users, with any level of CAD experience, start out on the right foot with Fusion 360.  


In this area you’ll notice a set of videos, Ten Tips for SolidWorks Users, which we developed to help SolidWorks users transition to Fusion 360. You’ll also find deep links to learn the basics of Fusion 360 ­‑ such as our popular Fusion 101 Training material.





Tips & Tricks: We’ve been listening to your requests, collecting feedback, and making observations. And it’s clear that Tips & Tricks are something we should make more obvious because this information is essential in helping you build your skillsets with Fusion 360. Take a look at what we’ve curated for you to get you started in utilizing Fusion 360’s full capabilities.





Community: The Fusion 360 community is very active, and we thank all of you who contribute to it. With the input and support you provide to your fellow users, we’re building a great space for the community to learn and troubleshoot at any stage of their experience. We’ll continue to promote and connect you with user generated content.  This is just the beginning of connecting the community to our learning ecosystem, so take a look at where we’re headed next to learn more.




Support: We understand that there are situations when you need quick resolution or direct contact with a Fusion 360 support professional. Our internal Autodesk community of Fusion 360 users are ready to support whatever challenges you come across. So we don’t shy away from providing links to contact support right from the landing page.






What’s next

This first update to the learning site is part of a multi-phased approach to improve the learning experience for Fusion 360.  I’ll outline a few things you’ll see in the near future.


New organization of learning and support material: We plan to clearly differentiate Fusion 360 Fundamentals, Learning Guides, and User Help References – and we’ll cross-link related content to allow you to fully explore learning topics.


Learning community enhancements: Connect our learning and support content with answers in the forums will broaden the perspectives you can get on learning Fusion 360. Our community holds a wealth of knowledge, and we’ll provide a better way for you to share your own tutorials and tips to help other users learn.


Expanded learning material to support all levels of CAD and Fusion 360 experience:

SolidWorks users make the transition to Fusion 360.


Improvements to the error message and troubleshooting experience:

Help us drive even more changes

If you’d like to join the effort to improve our learning experience, please follow this link.


It’ll take you less than 10 minutes, and your feedback will be an essential part of creating a learning and support environment that meets your needs.

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