Selection insights for Form modeling

Avatar deyop August 19, 2014

1 min read

I concentrated on some basic selection capabilities in this Screencast which can help speed up your T-Spline modeling.  You will see how objects can be made visible but not selectable with the toggle available in the browser context menu.  How can selection double click be applied.  By two rapid mouse clicks you can pick loops of edges, loops of faces or even select the entire T-Spline body.  You can save views when you expect to be working on a detail area with the Save View option at the top of your browser.  If you need to reselect the same set of anything create a Selection Set.  Then when you need to select it again.  No problem.  Did you know the window or box selection behaves differently when you select from lower right to upper left or from upper left to lower right?  When you have a complex model you can switch to performance mode and get much faster responsiveness.  There are also three different display modes which can improve performance and give you insight into the structure of the model.  This is basic selection and modeling capabilities but I hope anyone will pick up something useful.




Paul Deyo



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