Season’s Greetings! Megabots / Fusion 360 / A360 Design Challenge Next Year!

Avatar MichaelAubry December 22, 2014

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How Epic is Megabots? Answer: Pretty Epic.


Meet Gui, Matt, and Andrew.



They joined us this year at Autodesk University in Las Vegas:



If you got hit by their t-shirt turret during the keynote speech, please accept our apologies and enjoy the t-shirt!


Megabots makes giant fighting robots.



Giant. Fighting. Robots.


Now, they need your help to design MORE giant fighting robots. Fusion 360 and Autodesk A360 are thrilled to be teaming up with MegaBots, Inc to: “Make the world a more epic place by creating the future of sport.”




Take The Challenge


We’re doing a robot design challenge soon!  The rules are going to be super simple:


We’ll send more details soon! The contest will start mid January 2015.  Pick your challenge: Mechanical or Design and come sign up for more details!


Sign up!


If you’ve got ideas feel free to download and make your own too!


Check out some of what’s been designed so far!




More to come!

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