Return of the Dimensions

Aaron.Magnin December 21, 2015 1 min read

Not sure if you’ve heard yet, but there was a little movie that was released last week that involved droids, Jedi, and lightsabers. Playing off that excitement (or by now you might be sick of it –apologies if so), here is a QUICK TIP involving a BB-8 droid I’ve designed. 


As you probably know, you can define sketch dimensions while sketching, but what I didn’t know was how to interact with them while sketching. Take a look at the following QUICK TIP to see how you can do this: 





In hindsight it’s actually pretty intuitive; ‘tab’ is usually a way to toggle between inputs, but I think I shy away from hitting ‘return’ (or is it ‘enter’?) because I thought it would drop the sketched entity where my mouse was or close the sketch. Oh well, now I know better and can get my sketches done in less time. 


Happy Holidays! 


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