QUICK TIP: Display & Preference Optimization

by Aaron.Magnin 4 years ago 1 min read

Engineers love efficiency. Whether it’s designing something to barely exceed the required Factor of Safety, or using keyboard shortcuts to gain a slight advantage in a design tool, we love it all. So when I found myself in a marketing role, I was in for a bit of a transition. Now, things that didn’t used to matter, begin to matter most; things like model appearance, environment settings, window sizes, mouse movements, and view rotation. All of these started to take priority over the efficiency I used to hold so dear.


Luckily for me, our standards were easy to understand and implement, so by the end of my first month I was able to set Fusion 360 up to automatically use these aesthetically-pleasing settings and options. In the following QUICK TIP, I’ll share with you the settings we use to help ensure Fusion 360 looks as fantastic as it is powerful!



Of course, its up to you whether you use these settings or not. The real benefit is knowing where to find these options, and understanding what they do.






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