QUICK TIP: Voronoi Sketch Generator

by Aaron.Magnin 5 years ago 1 min read

For the June App of the Month QUICK TIP, I wanted to draw your attention to an amazing sketch generation tool in the App Store, the Voronoi Sketch Generator:


Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 11.10.21 AM


As you can see, this app has begun to gather a perfect 5/5 rating (although we’d like to see more on there –don’t forget to leave reviews once you’ve vetted these apps!), and once you have it, you’ll see why. It’s incredibly easy to use, and can create some really interesting structures in a short time. To see a quick explanation of how to use it, and an even explanation of how it works,  check out the following video:



Admittedly, using the Voronoi Sketcher to lighten a Formula One front wing is a biiiiit of a stretch, but it was a fun example for me to use and I hope you can relate it to problems you might face.


Just don’t ask me how to pronounce the name. In one draft of the QUICK TIP, I spent half of the time talking about the Ukrainian mathematician this is named for (Georgy Feodosevich Voronoy), and trying to figure out the proper pronunciation…I guess I’ll just leave that to the pros.


Anyway, to get this app and start making some of these amazing shapes, click here. Thanks again for reading & watching!

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