QUICK TIP: View Reset and Tricks

Aaron.Magnin July 17, 2018 1 min read

When working with imported models — or models that others team members have made — sometimes rotating to the right view can be a bit frustrating. What they think, or, what their software thinks is up, may be YOUR right, left, or front view.


It’s not all the time, but without a doubt, there will be a time where you open a model that doesn’t have the orientation you expect. This can be especially annoying if you use the “constrained orbit”, like I do. No worries though, because resetting the view orientation is simple, and in the following QUICK TIP, I’ll show you how to adjust the orientation to your liking:



Do note that the view changes DO NOT carry down into all other workspaces. CAM itself should — and does — behave with its own unique view orientation.


Hope that helps!



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