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by Aaron.Magnin 3 years ago 1 min read

Taler du dansk? Spreekt u Nederlands? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Parli italiano?  क्या आप हिन्दी बोलते हैं? Você fala português? ¿Habla usted español? Parlez-vous français ?  Govoriš li hrvatski? Вы говорите по-русски?


Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Croatian, and Russian. Sadly, like the majority of people from the US and A, I speak nothing but English, whereas our users speak these, and a multitude of other languages. It’s because of this, that I have asked our Fusion 360 YouTube channel to make a simple change that can make a huge difference: community contributed translations.


If you’re an English speaker, you might not be aware of this ability, but it’s incredibly enabling to everyone else. Want proof? See this emotional appeal by a famous YouTube personality, Tom Scott…



With the understanding of just how important this can be to our audience, I’ll show you how to find, access, and use closed captioning as these (hopefully) start to get populated. In the meantime, there are always auto-generated captions at your fingertips, which I’ll also cover:



For those of you wanting to contribute to our channel, click this link and submit your contributions. The great news is that you can do as little, or as much as you want. A couple lines of translations here and there will add up over time.


Hope this takes off! Many thanks to anyone who contributes…who knows, a little swag might be up for grabs for those of you that participate.


Cheers, na zdravi, proost, santé!, prost, 건배, & skål,




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