QUICK TIP: Toolpath Visualization

Marti Deans
Marti Deans October 3, 2017 1 min read

You may have seen toolpaths generated on friends, colleagues, or YouTubers models and may have questioned why they’re so colorful. Well, each color denotes a different type of move as you can see in the image below.


toolpath lines


Now that we know what each color means, we can start editing each. You can find cutting parameters in the Passes Tab and define Retract Height in the Heights Tab. You’ll control ramp, lead-ins, and stay down moves in the Linking Tab. Instead of searching for the correct parameter, you can go straight to the tab containing the parameter you want to change. In the video below I’ll apply these principles to edit and improve some existing toolpaths.



Using the toolpath color, you can quickly locate and edit parameters that you want. Whether you’re editing the way tools enter the material, how tools move between cuts, or how tools engage with the material. These toolpath line colors and principles are consistent across CAM in Fusion 360. As a result, users of all levels can apply these colors to quickly edit and fine-tune toolpaths.

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