QUICK TIP: “To Object” Extent

Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin October 31, 2017

1 min read

I love it when QUICK TIPs live up to their name,  and this one certainly will. Why? Because I’ll be making the component you see in the thumbnail below, in a SINGLE feature –after a little preamble, of course.


A quick QUICK TIP should have a concise blog to accompany it, so see below:



While you could accomplish this many different ways, here is an efficient one that will include the added benefit of conforming to however the “to object” body might change. That is some real power!


This is another amazing tip shared to us by the “godfather” of Fusion 360, Kevin Schneider. Thanks Kevin…but I really need to drop that joke. It makes me feel like I’m a pledge in Old School. 


Hope that helps!



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