QUICK TIP: Suppress All But Selected

Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin September 19, 2017

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For this week’s QUICK TIP, I wanted to revisit the ‘Simplify Updates’ that was added to Fusion 360’s simulation workspace recently. Why? Because when we added this, we also lost something that left some users confused. That option was known as ‘Suppress All but Selected,’ which was helpful in filtering a large assembly down to just the bodies and components you wanted to simulate.


The good news is that with some slight modifications, you can still reach a similar outcome. See how in this recently posted video:


In that video, you probably noticed the use of some new selection tools added around the same time as the ‘Simplify Workspace.’ Make sure to spend a little time getting familiar with all of these:

Finally, in that pressure vessel problem, I opted to use “Remove Rigid Body Modes” to quickly constrain this model after removing the legs during the simplification process.  To learn more about this –and how you should, and shouldn’t use it– see here.


Hope that helps!




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