QUICK TIP: Slice n’ Dice

Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin July 11, 2017

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Our “Sketch Gems” QUICK TIP’s are some of our most popular to date, and for good reason: everyone sketches, there’s tons of hidden feature, and we’re continually adding more. That’s why I was thrilled in “Sketch Gems, Part 2“, to be able to share what I had recently learned about ‘slicing’.


Using that option while in a sketch, will allow users to temporarily slice a model using the sketch plane. This has the obvious benefit of making it easier to visualize details, but it can even help by avoiding unintended constraints. Since then, however, I’ve learned a new way to slice a model, and thought it was equally worth sharing. To see how to do this, see the QUICK TIP below:



As mentioned, you will NOT see that option if the sketch isn’t currently visible, so make sure to show those sketches. This does the same thing as I showed before from the sketch palette, but lets you access it at a later time.


I hope you find some great ways to use this trick!




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