QUICK TIP: Show Dimensions

by Aaron.Magnin 3 years ago 1 min read

In this QUICK TIP, I’ll answer a question I saw on the Fusion 360 Reddit page, regarding how to show and use dimensions while outside of the sketching environment. This incredible capability will enable you to make quick and dynamic changes to designs, like on the chair I use in the following example:



As mentioned, both of those designs –the Gateway Arch and Grasshopper Chair– come from the same brilliant mind: Eero Saarinen. To learn more about his work, from furniture design to Washington Dulles Airport, see that linked Wikipedia page or this PBS Documentary.


If you pay close attention, I’ve dropped a couple other tidbits in there regarding mid-plane creation (and why it’s important), and zooming to fit. I hope this helps!


Many thanks to Will Secor for the model of the Grasshopper Chair. To check it out and download it for yourself, see here.




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