How to Combine Sketches in Fusion 360

Kyle Gilham May 18, 2022 1 min read

Want an easy way to save time (and mouse clicks) while working on your 3D model? Learn how to quickly combine sketches in Fusion 360.

There are a couple of ways to combine sketches in Fusion 360. The first is to copy and paste one sketch into another. Select the first sketch and Copy it to your clipboard. Next, edit your second sketch and select Paste. Most of the constraints and dimensions will stay intact. However, you’ll still need to add additional constraints to fully constrain the sketch entities you just added. 

The second way to combine sketches is to use the Project command to project the sketch entities from the first sketch into the second.

To learn more about the Sketch Environment in Fusion 360, check out this Sketch Basics video series from our self-paced learning portal. Ready to test out your sketch skills? Download Fusion 360 today.

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