QUICK TIP: Sheet Metal Contour Flanges

Marti Deans
by Marti Deans 3 years ago 1 min read

In this Quick Tip, Aaron will show us how to use sketches to create sheet metal contour flanges quickly and easily, while building on the existing design.



In the Flange command (remember to go to the Sheet Metal workspace!), he selects the sketch contour as the first profile. Then he selects the edge the flange should start from. Fusion automatically creates a flange starting from the modeled edge that follows the sketch contour. To add additional edges, make sure to hold Control or Command, and the flange will adjust accordingly.


Where there are breaks in the original edges, the flange will automatically miter. The miter makes a clean interface between the two flanges without any overlap. To make one continuous flange, you can uncheck “Miter Option” in the Flange command.


But wait, what if the sketch is disconnected from the original sheet metal part? Aaron has a sketch like that, but Fusion can interpolate along the edge and automatically fix the sketch or add material to create the flange. Of course, for the best control, it’s good to fully define your sketches.


Thanks for checking out this Quick Tip. Don’t forget to show us what you’re making with Fusion 360 sheet metal!



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