QUICK TIP: R.U.L.E #1 Failure

by Aaron.Magnin 4 years ago 1 min read

By now, hopefully you’ve heard of R.U.L.E. #1. It’s the recommended first step you should take when creating your designs, and is mentioned ALL over the place (here, here, here, here….and here).


The thing is, if I said I always adhered to it, that would be a fib. It’s not that I don’t see its value or agree with its use; my failure to implement it is more likely the result of the haste I usually find myself in.


What we learned recently –and have used almost daily since– is that even if you forget to enact R.U.L.E. #1, there’s a chance you can associate the sketches and bodies to components at a later time. In the following QUICK TIP, I’ll do just that:



While I show this method in use in a simple case, and a not-so-simple case, I’m sure there are other situations where it simply won’t work. I’m saying this, because you shouldn’t rely upon this to work all the time. Instead, try to remember R.U.L.E #1…unlike me!


Anyway, I hope this helps you out of a bind.








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