QUICK TIP: Reverse Engineer from Mesh

Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin May 15, 2018

1 min read

Did you know you can section meshes in Fusion 360? When I learned this, I was surprised to say the least. In my past interaction with meshes using other modeling tools, I struggled to do the most basic things, including sectioning. But lets take that a step further! Did you know you can extract cross sections and convert those to sketches in Fusion 360? By using this workflow, you can open up an entirely new world and workflow for those of you trying to reverse engineer from scans, including STLs and OBJs.


Watch this QUICK TIP to learn how:



We hope that helps the next time you’re sent a mesh, and struggling to work with it. Once its been converted to a solid b-rep, all your familiar Fusion 360 modeling skills can be put to work to modify, tweak, alter, and edit to your liking!






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