QUICK TIP: Redefine Sketch Plane

Aaron.Magnin September 13, 2016 1 min read

We’ve all been there before…you’re 10 minutes into a sketch, and when you’re finally ready to extrude, you rotate the view only to realize its on the wrong plane. Doh!


Well, don’t you worry because there’s something that will save you from redoing that sketch again: redefine sketch plane. Using this tool you can move a sketch from one plane to another, and as long as the orientations are similar, there should be minimal -if any- rework required.


That said, there’s also some new functionality coming out soon that could also help you out of this bind. Check out the following QUICK TIP and enjoy this sneak peak into upcoming capabilities:


I hope that ‘redefine sketch plane’ spares you some rework, as it has for me, and I personally can’t wait for that next release where we’ll gain those extra controls.






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