QUICK TIP: Press Pull

by Bryce Heventhal 4 years ago 1 min read

swiss-army-knifeWhen I was a kid and saw my first Swiss Army Knife, I was MIND BLOWN. Who ever came up with the idea to shove a bunch of tools into one was a genius. Unfortunately, many of these tools are watered down versions of their original concept.  Who in their right mind would want to cut thousands of pieces of paper with those tiny scissors?


In this week’s quick tip, I will show you how to use the Swiss Army Knife of Fusion 360: Press Pull. This command combines three commands all into one awesome command. Depending on what you select, the Press Pull command will change to Extrude, Fillet, or Offset Faces. However these aren’t watered down versions of the command, these are the real deal. More often than not, I will use Press Pull instead of hunting through different menus to locate the correct command.


Use these different selections while in the Press Pull command to invoke different features.


Sketch Profiles -> Extrude

Edges -> Fillet

Faces -> Offset Faces


Now watch this video to see the Press Pull command in action:


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