QUICK TIP: Nobody Likes Working with Someone Else’s Model

by Aaron.Magnin 5 years ago 1 min read

We’ve all tried to make changes to somebody else’s parts before. We all know what a nightmare it can be. Seriously – you used a loft here? Why do you leave your workplanes on!? #fail, right?


This is the advantage here with Fusion 360 – we can work with and without history. You’re not constrained by a history tree – finding that one feature you need to modify, hitting the ok button hoping for anything other than an error message. Delete is your friend.


The next time you’re struggling to make a change to existing geometry, no matter the source, give this a try, combine it with selection sets and you’ll see why this is a powerful tip. This tip is especially useful when working with imported models, a.k.a. dumb solids, or any made with direct editing.


Watch the video to learn some strategies and methods to use when using this approach:



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