QUICK TIP: Modify and Merge Meshes

Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin May 1, 2018

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Following up on the success of our other mesh QUICK TIP’s and tutorials, we decided to devote more time to this amazing workspace. You might have seen three videos post to YouTube simultaneously that at the core were mesh tips, but this week I wanted to highlight one, in regards to Modifying and Merging meshes.


Watch it below:


As you’ll see, you have some powerful capabilities within Fusion 360 to manipulate and combine meshes. However, I will say that if that is your main goal and task is related to mesh manipulation, Autodesk has a much better tool for the job: Meshmixer.


Meshmixer is what Fusion 360’s mesh workspace aspires to be (and hopefully that goal is realized in time), but for those of you wondering just all that it can do, see the list below:

Hope the tip helps, and that if Fusion 360’s mesh editing capabilities fall short, Meshmixer is able to pick up the slack.





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