QUICK TIP: Missing Dialogue Box?

Aaron.Magnin Aaron.Magnin April 19, 2016

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We’ve all been there….you click to start a command, and nothing seems to happen. You think you’ve missed it, so naturally you try again….aaaannnd more of the same!


What’s happening is not caused by a bug, computer lag, or even my fat finger; it’s simpler than that. In most cases, it’s because the dialogue box opened in an unexpected area. The culprit is my constant switching from dual to single monitor, and my even more constant tinkering with dialogue box placement. This is not specific to Fusion 360, and I’ve even seen cases where entire programs have gone missing. It’s easy enough to remedy once you realize what’s happening, but even then sometimes the dialogue boxes can hide with chameleon-like efficiency.


Then last week, when I was collaborating with Fusion 360 Evangelist, Taylor Stein, he showed me a trick that I’ve since used almost daily. Seeing as how helpful it’s been to me, I wanted to share it as this week’s QUICK TIP. Here you go:





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