QUICK TIP: Triangle Mesh to Quad (to Sculpt, and beyond)

by Aaron.Magnin 3 years ago 1 min read

Using the mesh workspace is a far more popular topic for Fusion 360 users than I would have estimated. As it turns out, one of our most watched QUICK TIPs –with 40k views and counting– has to do with converting meshes to solids. With that in mind, we decided it’s time to start adding more on this subject, but we can’t overlook the fact that some of what’s presented in that other tip has become outdated.


So, in a recent QUICK TIP, I wanted to revisit this subject, which also gave me a chance to explore a completely new solution in the Autodesk family. Take a look at this tip below:


In short, ReMake has become ReCap Photo, but I think the more exciting prospect is the ability to use Netfabb in this endeavor. The reason why is that learning Netfabb can open up some new power to those of you who have access to additive technologies…which seems like just about everybody today!


I hope that helps! I apologize that both of these tools are PC only, but some of the comments in YouTube might steer you to some different solutions.





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