QUICK TIP: Mesh Adaptation

Aaron.Magnin November 23, 2015 1 min read

In the world of Finite Element Analysis, there is a great deal of effort put toward creating a balanced mesh. The reason for this is the correlation between result quality and solve time; as quality goes up, so does solve time. At some point, however, you’ll have diminishing returns and refining the mesh more doesn’t give significantly different results. As that is the case, you only want to get it as fine as needed, and this is especially true when you use Fusion 360’s integrated simulation & design tool to create multiple iterations of digital prototypes. 


Luckily, Fusion 360 has made this mesh refinement process & result quality balancing act as simple as selecting a toggle. The next time you run an analysis in Fusion 360, make sure to use the automatic mesh adaptation tool. This tool will work with parts and assemblies, and will help engineers gain additional insight into their results, and ensure accuracy while maintaining a manageable mesh size. 


To see this in action, take a look at the following video: 



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