QUICK TIP: Menu Customization

by Aaron.Magnin 4 years ago 1 min read

In this QUICK TIP, I’ll spend two minute showing you how to customize your menus in Fusion 360. This will include removing menus, resizing menus, relocating menus, reattaching menus, and because sometimes you want to just go back to where you started, resetting menus. Check out the video below:


As you can see from of the earlier comments in YouTube (and something I readily admit), some of what I show may not be the most groundbreaking discovery in the history of QUICK TIP’s, but I’d be willing to guess that 90% of viewers can take something valuable out of watching this. For instance, after almost 2 years of using Fusion 360 non-stop, I only recently learned about the auto-hiding menu’s like what I showed with sketch palette. This option was hiding in plain sight, but allows me to see more of my model, while giving me full access to the sketch palette – so have your cake, and eat it too!


Anyway, I hope that helps!



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